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A quick look at a cross-section of recent works, everything from BAU to full IT project management and delivery





James Blond Rentals

​Large scale project touching all parts of the organisation from 'business as usual' right through to financial accounting

Implemented new SAAS fleet management & customer rentals booking system including a complete public website refresh

Manage migration of critical data from old systems
Tailor configurations to meet specific business requirements
Implement & test e-payment gateway end-to-end
Steer required business process changes
Staff training services and mentoring
Project Management, accountability & ownership

Leuschke Kahn Architects

​Right in the middle of major renovation work on a tight schedule, COVID lockdowns saw the architects firm have to complete interim office moves meaning significant interruption

mdctech helped ease the transition with minimal service disruption or staff downtime

Our full-service relocations are exactly that, drop the gear in the new location and we will set it all back up for you

One more final office relocation to go!





Bambinos Mount Maunganui

A recent mini-project to design and implement a new wireless network for the Bambinos Mount Maunganui site

... Unable to get wireless signal at the extremities of the large site using just the ISP modem's wireless system, Bambinos were in need of significant wireless service improvement

We opted not to go the route of mesh wireless solutions which are popular lately, mindful of recent medical research & publications detailing the effects of wireless radiation on young children and humanity in general

mdctech deployed Ubiquiti access points, setup onsite Unifi Controller, set security & 'guest wi-fi access', and connected to the mdctech cloud account for wireless monitoring and alerting

Clarke Engineering

An epic project for this client avoiding a potential six figure cost for equipment replacement & forcing them to outsource the work

An older laser cutting machine, an integral tool for this engineering firm, gave up the ghost and stopped working due to storage failure on the controller PC built into the unit

* we are talking 25+ year old PC hardware!!

mdctech were able to remap the old IDE storage technology to modern interface, customer wire power loop for the new drive installation, recover critical machine configuration files with help

from ForensicsNZ, and get the machine up and running again

... and it has been in operation almost daily since





Absolute Decorators

A super affordable vehicle tracking solution
We overheard our client discussing the need for vehicle GPS tracking.  It was not a capability mdctech had at the time

We went away and figured out how to do it the cheapest way possible with the assist of one of our other clients already versed

Some months later we proposed a tracking solution to our client who agreed to try it, and once deployed to pilot test vehicles the results were quick and effective, and our client realised the benefits instantaneously, changing their staff culture for the positive

This is now a standard service offering from mdctech


mdctechnical is our research & development arm

in 2019 we conducted an internal research project to attempt to uncover the extent of the recently (at the time) reported claims that China were deploying spying tech in their devices

We dissected an extensive range of recent & older 'China devices' purchased and donated to us by our clients, mainly phones &

regular ISP modems, working with tiny chipsets you can hardly see with the naked eye (quite a physical challenge)

Our findings were quite alarming and proved these chipsets have been around longer than was reported, and is the reason why mdctech do not supply China brand phones and networking equipment, and no longer supply AMD brand processors in boycott

AMD being the tech company that helped develop the spy chip

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